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Turn this...

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...into this

With this

Tube is a Video Converter for Mac which automatically organizes your video files for iTunes and your Apple TV.
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Step 1. Adding video

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Add your videos and folders here.

Or set a Watch folder in your preferences to automatically add new videos.

After video is converted, Tube can automatically cleanup the video source.

Tube supports all common video formats!

Step 2. Video poster & information

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Just in case Tube doesn't find your movie or TV show, you can use the search

After you have found the correct info. Save it here. It's ok to do this before or after the conversion.

Movie and TV show info becomes viewable in iTunes and on your Apple TV

Tube automatically looks up your movie or TV show info and poster

Step 3. Mac Video Converter

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To convert, click here!

Or have conversions starts automatically as new videos are added

Tube analyses the video to see if it can convert it quickly while making sure the video and audio are of the highest quality

Support for surround sound, subtitles and chapters

Step 4. Library Organisation & iTunes

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Fast search through your library

Automatic updates of missing metadata

Skips conversion of sample video

Automatically adds to iTunes

Beautifully renamed and organised on disk (better than iFlicks)